Every day the sun rises. Besides giving light and life, the sun produces enormous amounts of energy – and heat. With a large-scale solar heating installation from Arcon-Sunmark you can harvest the sun and turn it into stable and low heating costs. That will make you independent of external energy suppliers. The sun is the cleanest energy source as it emits no CO2 and provides a lot of other benefits. That is why we claim that the world’s best energy is yellow. It is cheap, it is clean and it is lean.


The cost of the sun is always the same: zero. Even when you take the cost of the facilities into account, large-scale solar thermal installations will generate the lowest possible heating costs. Hence, it will stabilize the price of your heating on a low level. While the cost of fossil fuel energy is fluctuating (and rising over a long-term period), the price of solar thermal energy is fixed. And you will know all costs from the start, meaning that the price of a MWh can be fixed over a 25-year period. That is independence!


The sun is the cleanest of all energy sources, and the most powerful source of sustainable energy. It emits no CO2. A typical solar heating installation will reduce a district heating plant’s CO2 emission by about 2 tons a year for each household it supplies. Furthermore it makes no noise, does not smell and does not spoil the environment.


Lean and effective installation of the perfect large-scale solar heating system demands expertise. Our many years of experience and countless references have given us a unique insight into the various stages in planning and installation of a system. We have optimized every single stage. From planning to financing, from construction to installation and to the perfect operations.

Bigger is better

A large-scale solar heating system is 4-6 times more efficient than solar thermal installations in individual homes. Three large-scale collectors can provide as much energy annually as required to provide an average single-family house with district heating.

The perfect match

Solar heating is a perfect match to other sources of energy. During summertime, the solar thermal plant produces more energy and covers most of the demand, while other energy sources can provide the required supplement during the wintertime.

Well-known, well-tested

Solar thermal is a known technology, tried and tested for decades, and now taken to the next level in large-scale solar installations. The effect is well documented. Large-scale solar thermal solutions are already part of many national and international energy plans for the future.

The list goes on...

  • Solar heating is cost-effective.
  • Solar heating will stabilize the price of your energy requirement.
  • Solar energy is the cleanest of all energy sources.
  • Solar heating can be stored.
  • Solar heating can be transported.

It works even if it is cloudy

What happens to a solar thermal installation on a cloudy day? As you probably know, you can be unfortunate enough to get a sunburn even when the sun is hidden behind clouds. That is exactly why solar thermal works when the sky is not clear – but of course with less intensity. The important thing is that a solar thermal plant does not need constant sunshine to maintain efficiency. Follow the production of some solar hearting installations through solvarmedata.eu

It can be stored

The energy in hot water can be stored and used for day to night variation, as well as seasonal storage, from summer to winter, extending the use of the sun and making the solutions even more profitable.

It can be transported

The solar heating plant does not necessarily have to be placed right next to the households. The plant can be located outside of town, and the energy can be transported to the households connected to the district heating plant.

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