It all began when the 40-year-old oil boiler needed replacement. This was a good occasion to rethink the installations, and decide which installation would serve the district heating plant most effectively in the future. With assistance from the advisers they quickly concluded that a replacement of a part of the fossil fuels with solar thermal energy would make sense – economically as well as environmentally. Even the worst-case scenario would not make the prices rise over a period of 25 years. In itself, this equals security and cost savings, when compared to the expected increase in fossil fuel prices in the same time period.

Arcon-Sunmark was chosen as the supplier after an extensive EU procurement process and a detailed assessment of the competitors’ competences. And the management at Dronninglund District Heating Plant does not regret making that decision.

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Johan Frey

The collaboration with Arcon-Sunmark has progressed without any troubles. Everything has been kept within budget and schedule.

Johan Frey
Production Manager
Dronninglund District Heating

Key plant data

Aperture area (effective): 37,573m2
Number of solar collectors: 2,982
Storage capacity: 62,000m3
Share of annual heat demand: app. 40%
Calculated peak capacity: 26MW
Calculated annual production: 18,000MWh