The solar heating installation is part of a major conversion of the CHP plant near Silkeborg, and the solar heating production will cover the annual heat consumption of 4,400 households or 20% of the total heat demand in Silkeborg. The solar heating solution implemented by Silkeborg Forsyning will reduce the CO2 emission by 15,700 tons/year. The erection was pulled through in record time, which of course from time to time has been quite demanding in regard to logistics and the cooperation among the installation teams. In the busiest period more than 6,000 solar collectors were installed in just one month.

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Knud Erik Nielsen

One fifth of Silkeborg’s annual heating consumption from now on will be covered by solar heating, and we are proud to have been selected to undertake this important task. The project proves just how swiftly and smoothly a transition to renewable energy can be accomplished and that the process does not have to be long and time-consuming, but can be realised quickly and efficiently.

Knud Erik Nielsen
Sales Director - Denmark
Arcon-Sunmark A/S


Aperture area (effective): 156,694m2
Number of solar collectors: 12,436
Storage capacity: 4 x 16,000m3
Share of annual heat demand: ca. 20%
Calculated peak capacity: 110MW
Calculated annual production: 80,000MWh