Instead of searching for unused land, an obvious solution could be to look into opportunities of converting old and maybe even polluted industry lots into sustainable solar heating installations.

Trustrup-Lyngby heating station in Denmark is a great example of just that. It turned out that an area just opposite the heating station was becoming vacant as an old factory that used to produce feed for the mink industry unexpectedly decided to stop the production. As the heating station was about to be modernized, they did not hesitate to take advantage of the situation and also had the full support of the local authorities (Norddjurs Kommune) who recognized the chance to get rid of a factory ruin and instead end up with a renewable energy solution.

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Michael Meldgaard Christensen

It makes environmental as well as economical sense to use former industrial sites or other vacant premises for a large-scale solar heating installation. Our analyses and calculations have been thorough.

Michael Meldgaard Christensen
General Manager
Trustrup-Lyngby District Heating

Key Plant Data

Aperture area (effective): 7,245m2
Number of solar collectors: 575
Storage capacity: 1,600 + 1,200m3
Share of annual heat demand: app. 30%
Calc. peak capacity/day: 5MW
Calc. annual production: 4,013MWh