Helsinge District Heating, additional extension of solar collector field implemented

26 February 2016

The solar heating installation in Helsinge was erected in 2012, and since then it has been extended twice so that today is has a total collector area of 22.894 m². In 2012, a 4.763 m² collector field was put into operation which was extended significantly in 2015 when 14.855 m² were added. Already then preparations were also made for the latest extension of the collector area with 3.276 m² which are now also ready for operation.

”The solar heating installation has been a good investment for Helsinge District Heating and our end-users from the very beginning. We have lowered the heating price with retrospective effect, and so far the installation has produced more heating that we had foreseen in our budget,” says Leif Jacobsen, operational manager at Helsinge District Heating and trained machine engineer.

According to Solvarmedata.dk the solar heating plant last year produced more than 9,300 MWh which equals the annual heat consumption of approx. 515 single-family houses. Arcon-Sunmark has supplied the solar collectors for the whole installation and has also been responsible for the installation of the latest extension. Helsinge District Heating is a textbook example for the economical advantages obtained by district heating stations with solar heating installations.

”Large-scale solar heating installations are good business for the district heating stations installing them. It is a common assumption that by definition renewable energy comes at a higher cost than conventional energy. This does not apply to large-scale solar heating. The large-scale solar installations are good for the environment and offer cheaper heating in the radiators.” says Søren Elisiussen, CEO of Arcon-Sunmark.

Arcon-Sunmark is one of the world’s leading suppliers of large-scale solar thermal installations. The company develops and erects solar heating installations for district heating as well as for industrial process heat, e.g. in mines.

Helsinge District Heating, today is has a total collector area of 22.894 m²