A positive 2015 for Arcon-Sunmark

10 April 2016

Arcon-Sunmark shows growth at all points in the annual report for 2015. The two-figure growth rates are very satisfactory, and the general business within large-scale solar thermal energy is developing according to plan with a solid order intake and competitive solutions. Management expects that the growth will continue in 2016 with focus on internationalization of the activities.

Arcon-Sunmark is market leader within large-scale solar heating installations, with production and implementation of solutions for district heating and process heat. 2015 has been an eventful year for Arcon-Sunmark with successful integration of Sunmark Solutions, which company was acquired i February, and the level of activity has been generally high in every respect. The market is most receptive to the solutions which both technologically and in price are competitive, not only in Denmark, but also on an international scale. The result is evident in the annual report where the gross revenue increased by 74% compared to 2014, and the annual profit before tax increased by 87% to 34 million DKK. At the same time the profit rate has been improved by 25%.

”2015 has been a most satisfactory year for Arcon-Sunmark, and the performance in many ways speaks for itself. It is becoming obvious that the efforts of the latest years to develop the general business are being converted into lasting growth where exports make out a steadily growing share. We have reason to commend the whole team for their major efforts. We must keep our momentum high in a market which is developing positively,” says Torben Sørensen, group director of VKR Holding, responsible for solar thermal, and chairman of Arcon-Sunmark.

In 2015 the international sales efforts have been intensified significantly. The international pipeline shows positive prospects and, as an example, an agreement has been concluded with a mining company in Mexico. If Arcon-Sunmark has any say in the matter, the positive development in the export markets will continue in 2016.

”In 2016 we shall continue to build on the results of the latest year where we took the first steps and succeeded. Now we have the best conditions in order to perform even better in all parameters. The European market for large-scale solar heating offers good opportunities, but this goes also for South and North America and Asia, for example. We wish to be a global player in solar thermal energy,” says Søren Elisiussen, managing director in Arcon-Sunmark.

Annual Report 2015: Highlights (TDKK)

Gross revenue:                     108.116 (62.313)                     +74%

Profit before tax:                  43.701 (23.476)                     +86%

Profit of the year:                 34.107 (18.267)                     +87%

Profit ration:                           15% (12%)                              +25%

Further information:

Contact: Søren Elisiussen, CEO, Arcon-Sunmark, Mobile phone +45 40 51 69 12

Contact: Torben Sørensen, group director, VKR Holding responsible for solar thermal energy, and chairman of Arcon-Sunmark, Mobile phone +45 21 41 32 18