Solar heating system gives savings in the double-digit million area for Aabybro, Denmark

12 March 2018

Aabybro District Heating Station will expand the production capacity by installing a solar collector field of 26.200 m2 and thus will enter the top ten list of the biggest solar heating systems in Denmark. Arcon-Sunmark will be general contractor for the overall project by projecting and erecting the installation which also includes a 6.000 m3 accumulation tank as well as exchanger unit and control system. The technical building will be designed by Arkikon who also designed the biomass system belonging to the district heating system. The solar heating system will be prepared for a later extension so that the total collector area may reach 30.000 m2

”With this large solar heating plant, Aabybro has made a foresighted investment on behalf of the consumers, and we are happy that Arcon-Sunmark was chosen as supplier. Large-scale solar heating is at the same time environmental-friendly and financially competitive,“ says Ole Dalby, CEO of Arcon-Sunmark.

Illustration Arkikon

Significant savings with solar heating
In April 2016 a new biomass installation was put into operation which today is the primary heat source at Aabybro District Heating Station. The solar heating system will contribute 13.680 MWh annually equivalent to 25% of the annual production of 53.000 MWh. When the solar heating system comes into operation in August, calculations show that the solar heat will be 14 DKK cheaper per MWh than the combustion of biomass. The costs of biomass will expectedly increase according to the general inflation, whereas the price of solar heating will remain almost unchanged. This can be attributed to the fact that apart from the cost of establishment there are only minor costs of operation for a solar heating system, because the energy source is completely free of charge, as is generally known. Accordingly, calculations show that in 2038 the price of biomass will be 267 DKK per MWh, but solar heating will be only 161 DKK per MWh, which means savings to the amount of 108 DKK per MWh or 40% in total.

”We will be able to maintain our low heating price also in the future as a direct consequence of our investment in a solar heating system. Even by the most conservative estimates, major multi-million savings will develop and at the same time it is a giant step forward in terms of environment,” says Torben Stenbroen, plant manager of Aabybro District Heating Station.

Facts and figures
• Number of solar collectors: 2.079
• Total collector field: 26.200 m2
• Peak output: 18,3 MW (prepared for 21 MW)
• Calculated annual production: 13.680 MWh
• Calculated contribution margin: 25%
• Actual solar heating price per MWh: 158 DKK (2018), 162 DKK (2038)
• Calculated biomass heating price per MWh: 172 DKK (2018), 267 DKK (2038)

Illustration Arkikon

For further details
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