Verification of Performance Values

4 March 2016

Arcon-Sunmark is eagerly anticipating the results of the verification of the Solar Keymark certification delivered by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden.

Due to a human error in the process of measuring the performance values of Arcon-Sunmark’s collectors, there is a risk of inaccuracy in the original test results. SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden has taken full responsibility for the error.

“As one of the frontrunners within the development of large-scale solar thermal systems we believe that transparency and integrity are of the outmost importance for the solar thermal industry as a whole. Therefore even the slightest doubt of the validity of any certification being issued cannot be tolerated. However, we have every confidence in the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, and we applaud their resolute actions taken as they are dealing with this matter as quickly as possible,” says Søren Elisiussen, CEO of Arcon-Sunmark.

From the warehouse in Skørping, SP Technical Research Institute has by a random choice taken out 4 solar collectors which will be sent to Sweden for testing. The selected solar collectors have been particularly marked for indentification prior to dispatch. Test and verification are expected to be concluded this summer.