Perfect for
district heating

A large-scale solar heating installation is the perfect supplement to a district heating plant. No matter which type of fuel used, it will lead to a lower and stable heating price and it will prolong the lifetime of the plant. Arcon-Sunmark has installed more than 80% of the world’s largest solar heating plants connected to district heating.

District heating


The price of fuel fluctuates. However, the price of harvesting the sun will always be the same low price. Hence, the larger the part of energy covered by solar heating, the better for the customers.

The energy can be transported

The plant can be located outside of town and the energy transported to the households connected to the district heating plant.


An Arcon-Sunmark system can be installed in conjunction with any type of heating plant. And the system is always extendable. There is no downside.

Lean installation

An Arcon-Sunmark plant can be installed in a short time. Our collectors and other equipment are optimized for lean and fast installation.

Store the energy

The energy in hot water can be stored and used for day to night variation as well as seasonal storage, from summer to winter, extending the use of the sun and making the solutions even more profitable.

Prolong the lifetime

Installing a solar heating system will extend the lifetime of your existing plant as it will ease the traditional energy production. It may even be possible to put the existing plant on standby in the summertime, when the solar heating installation is at its top performance.

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